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Apache Burden Basket Stick Carrier Gourd Figure

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Apache Burden Basket Stick Carrier Gourd Figure

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Apache Burden Basket Stick Carrier Gourd Figure by Robert Rivera

This wonderful figure with her burden basket filled with sticks shows the women at work. This woman has gathered her wood for the fire that will keep them warm and that she can cook food over. This wonderful piece was created from a gourd and is dressed in beautiful fabric and trimmed with deerskin and jingles. These burden baskets are made to hold all your burdens. Traditionally they are hung outside the home and before you enter you place your burdens in the basket. Upon leaving the home you retrieve your burdens. Usually they are lighter. The jingles are for safety for as the women and children are gathering sticks and herbs the noise from the jingling cones keeps predators away. Her earrings are turquoise and her necklaces are made of turquoise, coral, serpentine and glass beads. The figure is 14.5" tall and 11" deep, including the sticks in the basket.

Sku: Robert Rivera--1972
Dimensions: 15 in. tall complete x 11 in. deep