Mata Ortiz Handbuilt Pot


Native Puebloan Handbuilt Pot by Mariano Quezada

This stunning pot was handbuilt by Mata Ortiz resident Mariano Quezada. This piece is handbuilt, textured and polished to a high sheen with a mixture of graphite and kerosene. This spectacular pot with sunburst opening would be a remarkable addition to any collection. This beautiful pottery, some of the finest work in the world, is inspired by the original Casas Grandes pottery. Casas Grandes (Great House, also known as Paquime) is from Mexico. The current potters are faithful to the ancient traditions that surround all Puebloan lives. This pottery shows influences from both Mesoamerica and the Rio Grand Pueblo. Pottery ring included.


6 in. tall x 9 in. dia.


Mariano Quezada--4628

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