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Native Alaskan Made Qaviq (Wolverine) Woman Doll

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Native Alaskan Made Qaviq (Wolverine) Woman Doll

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Native Alaskan Made Qaviq (Wolverine) Woman Doll by Glenda McKay

In the village of Anuik there was a great woman by the name of Qaviq. She had so much knowledge of the old traditions and of the old ways of skin sewing that have been lost. She could not have children of her own to pass this knowledge on to, so she would teach any of the village children that wanted to learn. One day a family with many children were blessed with a new son. They shared this blessing by giving the child to Qaviq woman, knowing that she would love him and raise him as if he were her own. Qaviq woman would teach him the old ways and he would be a great hunter and provider for his family.

Glenda is unable to bear children herself, friends told her that this project to honor Qaviq woman took her nine months to complete. This is a fabulous collector item. The little cradle can be unbuttoned from Qaviq woman and the child removed from the cradleboard. Glenda harvested every piece of animal fur and baleen and made the sinew for this piece.

We have all of the details on what went into the making of this fabulous piece. It will be provided, in the artist's handwriting, to the purchaser.

Glenda McKay and several other dollmakers are featured in Native Peoples magazine (December 2008 Issue) in the article "Living Dollmakers" by Gussie Fauntleroy. Qaviq Woman is shown in this article.


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Dimensions: 7 in. tall