Native American Apache Made Dreamcatcher with Bear Paw


Native American Apache Made Dreamcatcher with Bear Paw by Bear Romero

According to the Ojibwe, legends speak to us of the dreamcatcher. It is believed that each carefully woven web will catch your dreams in the night air. The bad spirit dreams will become entangled in the web and disappear in the new day. The good spirit dreams will always find their way through the center opening and gently float down the sacred feather to bless the dreamer with peaceful dreams. This wonderful traditional dreamcatcher with its vine frame wrapped in twine and sinew is adorned with beads, turkey feathers, horsehair and a turtle shell cut in the shape of a bear paw with a turquoise stone. A really wonderful example of traditional Native American craft. Dreamcatcher card and Certificate of Authenticity included.

13 in. dia.; 26 in. long complete
Bear Romero--4228
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