Old Style Hopi Carved Cactus Traditional Plant Katsina Doll


Old Style Hopi Carved Prickly Pear Fruit-Cactus Traditional Plant Katsina Doll by Thomas Fredericks

Prickly Pear Fruit (Yung’a or yunya or Nawuk’china). As a Katsina, he appeared just prior to the turn of the 20th century and was personated only a few times on First Mesa. He has been perpetuated more through the use of dolls than in dances. His function on Third Mesa was to ensure the cleaning of the springs, but on First Mesa he seems to have appeared primarily in the Soyohim. He appears with Prickly Pear fruit paddles as a headdress. He is accompanied by Yung’a Mana who usually carries a basket with pads of prickly pear in it. She carries a set of wooden tongs that she uses to handle the cactus pads. She is dressed very much like the Hano Katsin Mana. This Cactus looks so cheerful. Only Thomas has the ability to make these beings seem so approachable. His style of paint and carving is like noone else.


19 in. tall complete


Thomas Fredericks--2424

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