Old Style Hopi Carved Corn Dancer Traditional Plant Katsina Doll


Old Style Hopi Carved Corn Dancer Traditional Plant Katsina Doll by Brian Holmes

Corn Katsinam (Qaokatsina) are the most common of the plant personators. The Corn Katsinam appear during winter Kiva dances and springtime plaza dances. Several types of Corn Katsinam represent the different varieties of corn given as presents during performances. These Katsinam come in the four colors of corn (the four directional colors--red, yellow, blue and white). Sometimes they have ears of corn painted on their masks; other times they have spots painted on their bodies that represent kernals of corn. The Corn Katsinam dance to aid in the production of corn. Corn is one of the most important crops for the Hopi people, a major staple of Hopi life.


8.5 in. tall


Brian Holmes--2835

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