Native American Hopi Carved Apache Katsina Doll

Native American Hopi Carved Apache Katsina Doll by Dominic East
The Apache Katsina (Yoche or Yotsi) is one of the comic or caricature Katsinam. He appears in a group with the clowns and his actions are usually what you would expect of Apaches on the warpath. Their dress need not be consistent as long as he has the appearance of an Apache. This wonderful piece by Dominic shows the "fierce hunter" wearing a dress shirt and a vest, carrying a rifle and hatchet. He does not see the hawk who is perched quietly beneath the overhang. A really wonderful carving of a Katsina that is infrequently personated or carved by Dominic.
17 in. tall
Dominic East--2499
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