Native American Hopi Handbuilt and Handpainted Tall Vase


Native American Hopi Handbuilt and Handpainted Tall Vase by Fawn Navasie

Fawn Navasie-Garcia created this tall Vase. This piece is beautifully painted and has the "blush" the potters work at getting which is the result of firing in a self-consuming kiln. Fawn is the niece of Frog Woman, daughter of the late Eunice "Fawn" Navasie, and sister to the late Dawn Navasie and Dolly Joe. James Garcia Nampeyo is her husband. Fawn is an accomplished potter and has shown at several major venues throughout the Southwest. She has been featured at shows in Santa Fe, NM, the Heard Museum in Arizona, and elsewhere. She is included in Gregory Schaaf's "Hopi-Tewa Potters," Rick Dillingham's "Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery," and "Southwestern Pottery: Anasazi to Zuni" by Hayes and Blom. She signs her pieces with her hallmark "Fawn" and hoof print.


8.5 in. tall x 4.5 in. dia.


Fawn Navasie--3532

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