Native American Hopi Carved Turtle Katsina Sculpture

Native American Hopi Carved Turtle Katsina Sculpture by Lauren Honyouti
The Turtle Katsina (Kahaila) is an important part of the Hopi culture. The turtle is a water creature; water is viewed as a necessity to the life of the Hopi. The long beard on this Katsina represents falling rain and the feathers on the beard and the back of the head are symbols of prayers. The Hopi believe that their ancestors came from the oceans; the turtle also comes from ocean tides making it sacred to the Hopi people. The Turtle Katsina is often mistaken for Katsin Mana; which is often seen with the Turtle. Animals are an important part of Hopi traditions as they provide guidance and wisdom in different aspects of life. Many Native Americans call the earth Turtle Island; in this way the turtle represents the living spirit of Mother Earth. The Turtle navigates, both on land and in the water through its psychic connections with Mother Earth. Turtle is not only a symbol of longevity but is also an excellent messenger for carrying our prayers to the earth. The turtle is the magical animal that never sickens and brings health and luck. This Katsina comes complete with a Maiden on the front and a Turtle carved on his back.
12.5 in. tall
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