Native American Hopi Carved Hummingbird Katsina Doll


Native American Hopi Carved Hummingbird Katsina Doll by Leander Tenakhongva

The Hummingbird (Tootsa) intervenes with the gods on behalf of the Hopi people to convince the gods to bring rain. During traditional ceremonies, the Tootsa bobs and calls like a bird while moving with great speed. His songs are prayers for moisture, to help nourish the plants and crops. He may also appear as a runner because he moves fast enough to catch an individual and whip him with his decorative staff. The Hummingbird Katsina appears in the Winter Kiva dances and the spring Soyohim dances. The Kiva night dances are performed in underground kivas, or ceremonial rooms. The Soyohim ceremony symbolizes the second phase of creation at the dawn of life and is celebrated during the winter solstice. The Hummingbird Katsina also participates in Katsina Night Dances of March, or the Angkwa, as a side dancer. This crisp carving has an interesting base as well. The pueblo in the front, kivas on the side and the San Francisco Peaks on the back of the base. Leander did a really nice job on this piece.


9.75 in. tall


Leander Tenakhongva--7999

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