Native American Hopi Carved Mudhead Katsina Doll


Native American Hopi Carved Mudhead Katsina Doll by Raynard Lalo

The Mudhead (Koyemsi) leads the racers into the village and challenges villagers in contests to prove their strength. During the rests in a dance, Mudheads may engage in games with the boys and girls in the audience. At other times, only a single Mudhead may appear as a drummer for a group. Should a dancer not have the proper mask or be late in arriving, he can easily become a Mudhead by donning that mask. These Katsinam appear in almost every Hopi dance. This is the FIRST full figure Katsina that Raynard has carved. It only took him four years!


9.5 in. tall


Raynard Lalo--2038

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