Old Style Hopi Carved Ogre Traditional Guard Katsina Doll


Old Style Hopi Carved Ogre (Tyrannosaurus Rex) Traditional Guard Katsina Doll by Sean Macias

The Ogres (Tseveyo) are disciplinarians who appear around the time of the Bean Dance (Powamuya) ceremony with the Whippers and at Angk'wa with the Mixed Dancers. The purpose of these Katsinam is to reinforce the Hopi way of life to the children of the Pueblo. The fierce and threatening behavior of these Katsinam strikes fear into the children, but they are eventually saved from imminent danger by the people of their Pueblo. These Katsinam are commonly called Boogeymen. This is an unusual and quite new Dinosaur Ogre. He danced last year and this year. He comes to Shungopavi where the ancient T-Rex prints are in the desert. This Katsina supervises the cleaning of the springs.


8.25 in. tall


Sean Macias--0108

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