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Native American Apache Made Burden Basket

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Native American Apache Made Burden Basket

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The burden basket of the Apache tribe is one of the most quickly recognized items of material culture of the people. The baskets were once made for everyday use in collecting or gathering wild foods, or to cultivate crops like corn. Large burden baskets were sometimes made for food storage. Burden baskets are cone shaped, with flat or rounded bottoms. Buckskin and cone jingles made of tin are added to enhance the basket. Nearly all baskets will have a buckskin carry strap, which was once worn around the head or shoulders. As the baskets were carried the tin cones would jingle and scare off snakes. Small baskets were given to children and the jingling alerted parents to where the children were. It is said that these are hung outside a home and visitors are to place their burdens in the basket before entering the home. The saying “leave your burdens at the door” originated with these baskets. The baskets are a symbol of pride for the Apache people.

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Dimensions: 13 in. dia. x 11.5 in. deep, fringe hangs approx 15 in. below bottom of basket