Native American Hopi Carved Grandmother Katsina Sculpure


Native American Hopi Carved Grandmother Katsina Sculpture by John Fredericks

The Grandmother Katsina (Hahay-i wu-uti) or Happy Mother shares with Crow Mother the title of Mother of all the Katsinam. Her husband is said to be Eototo and her children are the monsters, the Nataskas. She appears during the Bean Dance (Powamuya), the Serpent Ceremony and at Home Going (Niman). She speaks in a high voice and is very talkative. Flat carvings of the Grandmother Katsina are given to Hopi infants. As a young girl matures, she receives larger, more detailed forms of the various Katsinam.


9.25 in. tall


John Fredericks--2300

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