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Antique Native American Hopi Carved Ahote Katsina Doll

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Antique Native American Hopi Carved Ahote Katsina Doll

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Antique Native American Hopi Carved Blue Ahote Katsina Doll by Everett Curley

A'hote or Ho-o-te is considered a good hunter. He may appear in any of the directional colors, the two most common being the Yellow (Sikyahote) or the Blue (Sakwahote). The A'hote is the Grand Katsina Uncle of the Mixed Katsina Group and appears in the Mixed Dances. The A'hote is painted in two different ways. In one, he appears with planets on his mask. The other A'hote version has a "split" mask with different colors on each side. Both seem to be derived from Plains Indians because he wears a long trailing eagle feather headdress. Sakwahote is the Blue Guard Katsina. Sikyahote is yellow. This particular Blue Ahote was carved in the 1970s by Hopi carver Everett Curley. He has a fur ruff and feathers on his back and in his tab ears.

Sku: Everett Curley--0664
Dimensions: 14.5 in. tall