Native American Hopi Carved Bee Katsina Doll

Native American Hopi Carved Bee Katsina Doll by Malcolm Fred
Bee (Momo) appears in Mixed Dances and the Water Serpent Ceremony. He is a side dancer and focuses his attention on the children. He stings them by shooting tiny, blunt arrows with his little bow. If the child cries out in fear, Momo squirts a little water on the supposed wound and offers a tiny cup of honey from his headpiece. In addition to his antennae, Momo's headpiece is crowned with a cluster of stalks, which may end in flowers or fruit, or a stand of corn stalks. The Bee Katsina brings with him the gift of fertility for plants, without which the people would starve.
12.25 in. tall
Malcolm Fred--3646
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