Native American Hopi Carved Hopi Katsina Sculptures


Native American Hopi Carved Hopi Katsina Sculptures by Randolph David

These beautiful little Hopi Katsinam are sure to bring joy to you. The little sculpture are small ears of corn with the green husks pulled down. The multicolored bodies represent the different colors of corn and the faces are each unique to the Katsinam.


3.5-4 in. tall


Randolph David--3265

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Native American Carved Owl Warrior Katsina Doll


The Owl is the leader of the warrior Katsinam and brings the whippers to the summer dances. He is called upon to discipline the clowns for their non-Hopi behavior.

Dimensions: 3.5 in. tall

SKU: Randolph David--3265A

Native American Carved Bear Powerful Healer Katsina Doll


The Bear Katsina appears in the Mixed Dance. This great and powerful leader possesses spiritual strength used to protect and cure the sick. The Bear Katsina is considered to be the number two healer for the people. His knowledge of herbs and roots gives him the power to heal the sick. The Bear symbolizes power, strength, courage, wisdom and healing.

Dimensions: 3 in. tall

SKU: Randolph David--3265B

Native American Carved Corn Dancer Katsina Doll


Corn Katsinam are the most common of the plant personators. The Corn Katsinam appear during winter Kiva dances and springtime plaza dances. Several types of Corn Katsinam represent the different varieties of corn given as presents during performances. These Katsinam come in the four colors of corn (the four directional colors--red, yellow, blue and white). Sometimes they have ears of corn painted on their masks; other times they have spots painted on their bodies that represent kernels of corn.

Dimensions: 3.75 in. tall

SKU: Randolph David--3265F

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