Native American Hopi Carved Three Sisters Sculptures--G


Native American Hopi Carved Three Sisters Sculptures by Prinston Collateta

The Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) coined the term The Three Sisters, although they weren’t the only tribe to use the reference. The Three Sisters is a combination of three plants working together; corn, beans and squash. This style of planting utilizes these three crops to their full potential in one space to create a circle of interdependence based on giving and receiving.

Sister Corn provides the support for Sister Bean’s trailing vine.

Sister Bean fixes, or makes available in plant form, nitrogen from the air.

Sister Squash provides ground cover to hold moisture and maintain healthy soil environment while deterring animal invaders with its spiny stems.

The Hopi pay tribute to these sisters on their Tihu or flat Old Style Katsinam, those that have the three red stripes on the body. Each stripe represents a plant. Prinston has been focusing on these sisters in a sculptural form to pay tribute to the plants and their give-and-take relationship which helps each and all of them to thrive.

These three Corn Maiden Katsinas (Katsinamana) represent the Katsina spirits who bring the seed to the Hopi people.


3.5 to 5 in. tall


Prinston Collateta--3473G

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