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Native American Made Heheya Amutaga Dancer Katsina Doll

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Native American Made Heheya Amutaga Dancer Katsina Doll

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Native American Made Heheya Amutaga Katsina Doll by Sammie Walker (Navajo-Hopi)

The Hehey'a Katsina has no English name or translation. Hehey'a Katsinam are most often seen on Third Mesa and act as messengers to the rain gods. The Hehey'as dance on the side of the procession and guard the other dancers. The Hehey'a talks in opposites...for instance, if the dance is good, he says it is bad. The Hehey'a is a relative of the Ogre family and appears at Powamuya. This version is called the Kuwan (Fancy or Colorful) Heheya. The Heheya were sent to the Zuni Pueblo to assist the Zuni in growing their corn. The Hehey'a were to bring rain for the Zuni crops. Many Hehey'a went to Zuni to help the people. When the crops were successful all of the Hehey'a returned to Hopi but for one who stayed behind. He had gotten lost in a cave and could not find his way out. This is a wonderful piece that is created in a style that is unusual today. Very few of the artists make the Native American dolls this way. The action is wonderful and the carving, painting and details are very accurate.


Sku: Sammie Walker--7122
Dimensions: 17.5 in. tall