Old Style Hopi Carved Clown Tradional Katsina Doll

Old Style Hopi Carved Clown Traditional Katsina Doll by Gabriel Lara
The Clown (Koshare) Summer Clown, is known by many other names, including Kaisale (Winter Clown), Tsuku (Second and Third Mesa), Koyaala, and Hano (First Mesa). The Clown has a complex ceremonial role, giving wisdom and advice as well as poking fun at unacceptable behavior. The Clown is said to be a glutton, always overdoing it whether he is making fun of the dancers, trying to get the children to behave during ceremonies, or commenting on Hopi behavior. They are generally amusing and do things that no Hopi or anyone else would want to be caught doing. They are often depicted with a watermelon. This guy is sad...must have lost his food to another clown.
9.75in. tall complete
Gabriel Lara--2612
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