Native American Hopi Carved Eagle Great Spirit Katsina Doll--Vintage


Vintage Native American Hopi Carved Eagle Great Spirit Katsina Doll by Clifford Bahnimptewa (1938-1984)

Eagle (Kwahu) dances to increase the number of eagles and is a spiritual figure to the Hopi. He is treated with honor at all times as, among other responsibilities, the Eagle is the messenger between the people and their spirit guides. This is a classic example of an Eagle Katsina from the 1970s and is wonderfully done by one of the most famous Native American artists and carvers of the time. This piece has wonderful details, including his hands, which are spectacular. Clifford did many paintings, including all of the art for the book Kachinas: A Hopi Artist's Documentary by Barton Wright (out of print).


17 in. tall x 16 in. wingspan


Clifford Bahnimptewa--7857

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