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    Native American Katsina and Kachina Dolls

    Kachina House carries the largest selection of Native American Hopi Katsinam and Navajo Kachinas anywhere, with over fifty different Navajo Kachinas in three different sizes in stock, as well as hundreds of miniatures and many spectacular large fancy Navajo Kachinas. Our Hopi Katsinam are owned by collectors around the world. We have Katsinam carved by over 100 Hopi carvers at virtually any time. 

    There are hundreds of Hopi Katsinam, "personations" of supernatural beings, important animals and ancestors who help the Hopi people raise their crops, their children, and their spirits. The Katsina dancers are men wearing masks--each of which represents a particular Katsina--and paint and feathered costumes. Everyone in the village, aside from the children, knows that the Katsina dancers are actually men from the village, though Katsinam are still believed to have supernatural powers. Much of the value in these dances is found to be instructing the young.

    The Navajo Kachina has no spiritual significance in the Navajo culture; it is a craft learned as a way for some Navajo people to earn a living. Navajo Kachina makers have borrowed from many cultures over the years. It is clear upon examination of these dolls that the Navajo Kachina is not handcarved from cottonwood root as are the Hopi Katsinam. The body parts of the Navajo Kachina are machine made; the dolls are then pegged, glued together and handfinished by the Navajo maker.

    If you live near or are planning on visiting the Sedona, AZ, area, we urge you to make a trip to our showroom/warehouse. You will be pleased with the helpfulness and impressed by the knowledge of the owners as well as the vast selection of items available. We are only a call or a click or call away, toll free 866-587-0547. We welcome your inquiries and hope to hear from you soon.