Kachina Dolls On SALE

At Kachina House we carry a vast selection of handmade Native American Hopi Katsina and Navajo Kachinas, by various artists. Crafted and accented with natural materials we offer unique objects of art and craft.

Katsina and Kachina dolls are steadily becoming some of the most treasured and sought after collectible items made by Native American Indian artisans. An ancient tradition, Hopi artists carve these dolls as representations of the helpful and powerful spirits that visit their villages each year to help with the practical matters that ensure the continued success of the people. When not assisting the tribes, these spirits are said to dwell in the San Francisco Peaks just north of Flagstaff, Arizona. Just as the ground begins to warm from the icy grip of winter, the Katsinam descend into the Hopi villages. Represented by Hopi men in costume, their presence both honors the various Katsinam and helps to educate the children about the Katsinam and the virtues or vices each represents. The children are then presented with various Katsina dolls (traditionally carved by the child’s uncle) to promote their further reflection on the lessons they learned through the introduction of the Katsinam and the highly symbolic dances and songs each performs during the ceremonies.

Kachina House is known for its huge inventory of magnificent, handmade Hopi Katsina and Navajo Kachina dolls for sale in the contemporary sculpture, full figure and the Hopi old style. Because of our close affiliation with the Hopi and Navajo artists and our extensive inventory of dolls, we are able to offer Katsina dolls at sale prices. These Katsinam represent a cross section of some of our most popular pieces. Here you’ll find dolls representing many of the most popular Katsinam in the Hopi tradition at a reduced price to help budding enthusiasts grow their collections or to allow the casual customer an economical way to introduce these wonderful figures into their home.

Kachina House is the largest distributor of Native American arts and crafts in Arizona. At our showroom/warehouse in Sedona, AZ, you will find more products on display than we can post on our website. Our products are high-quality and handcrafted; we pride ourselves on offering unique products and the best customer service. If you have questions, we urge you to call us toll free at 800-304-3290 or drop us an email. We always like to hear from our customers.

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Items 1-24 of 60