Navajo Etched Pottery

Kachina House offers a vast selection of Navajo Etched Pottery. This ceramic pottery is beautiful and collectible. Ceramic pottery is created through a process by which clay is poured into a mold, handpainted and handetched by the potter, then fired in a kiln. This pottery is referred to as slip-poured, slip-cast, or simply ceramic. Because the potter does not hand build each pot, instead opting for a pot that comes from a mold, there is more time to spend on the etching and painting techniques. This method of creating pottery allows the potter to create many more finished pieces. Etching and painting techniques have improved and the cost for this type of pottery is much less than handbuilt or handcoiled pots.

The air-dried ceramic clay pot is painted on a wheel using a damp sponge and commercial paints. While the clay is still soft, designs are incised through the paint layer into the pot. This type of etching is called Sgraffitto. Etched art is done on either red terracotta clay or white gypsum clay and after being fired in a kiln, the resulting design shows either the bright white (gypsum) or the red earth-colored (terracotta) background seen on the various pieces. Navajo pots have the most variety in etching and use symbols for mountains, rain, wings, arrows clouds, staircase of life or altar, prayer feathers, whirlwinds, plants, bear paw, corn, water, lightning, handprints, kachinas, animals, friendship and migration as well as many others. Their etching is beautifully done and each symbol is a prayer to the Great Spirit.

Traditionally, Native American pottery is NOT glazed on the inside. If you put liquid in an unglazed pot it will seep through as clay is very porous. If the pot is smooth and very shiny on the inside, like a coffee mug, it is glazed which means you can put liquid in it and not worry about the liquid seeping through the clay.

If you are planning a trip to the Sedona, Arizona, area we invite you to visit the Kachina House showroom/warehouse. We offer Native American clay pots for sale and so much more at both our warehouse and online. Feel free to contact us toll free at 800-304-3290 or fill out our contact form for more information.

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