Specialty Hand-Coiled Clay Pottery

Kachina House is proud to offer an extensive selection of fine hand-coiled Pueblo pottery by both established and new Native American artists from many Pueblos, including Acoma, Hopi, Jemez, Santa Clara, Santo Domingo and Zuni as well as traditional hand built pottery from Navajo and Mohawk potters.

Hand-coiled pottery is made using thin coils of clay piled one on top of the other, each being “finger pressed” into the coil below it. Most hand-coiled pottery available at Kachina House is made from clay which is locally dug by the potters. The pottery is generally open-pit fired or fired in self-consuming kilns, and, if from Santa Clara Pueblo in particular, fired many times to achieve the black layer on the underlying red clay. Air temperature, firing method, and wind among other variables all have a part in the success or failure of the firing process. Coiled, fired and cooled pots are then finished by the artist etching or painting the pot.

Kachina House has outstanding pottery at reasonable prices, whether you are a seasoned collector or a novice buying your very first piece of Native American hand-coiled pottery. We are recognized for our commitment to quality and to the authenticity of our products as well as for extraordinary service and attention to the needs of each and every customer.

If you are planning a trip to the Sedona, Arizona, area we invite you to visit the Kachina House showroom/warehouse. Here you’ll find thousands of beautiful Native American-made products and we will always do our best to meet your individual needs or you can contact us toll free at 800-304-3290; we’re only a click or call away and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Items 1-12 of 199