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Native American Alabaster

Alabaster is a soft stone and because of this has been used by Native Americans for carvings, pipes, adornment, and various other items.

Alabaster symbolizes purity, it is believed to represent the color of the soul. The whiter the stone the better. Encourages feelings of peace and can be used to combat stress, heal arguments or calm an angry household. Alabaster is a protective stone, especially for infants, children and anyone innocent at heart. Can be used to lessen the fear of change and help you cope with upheavals and problems. Alabaster teaches us that change is not ‘bad’ or something to be feared but is an opportunity to learn and grow stronger. Alabaster draws a forgiveness nature to a person and in wearing this stone holding it during meditation, a person has the ability to forgive others and even himself. It helps in gaining energy. Using Alabaster at home inspires positive in a person. It controls temper and diminishes anger from inside. It grows the light of peace in an individual. It inspires a person to view things in a new manner.

We have a selection of alabaster, and a few other stones that we believed deserved their own section in order to shine.