Native American Jewelry

At Kachina House, we carry a vast selection of Native American jewelry, handmade by various artists from several different tribes. Crafted from sterling silver and accented with gorgeous, natural materials, our vast collection of Native American jewelry offers unique pieces of wearable art.

We have earrings, rings, bracelets, coral and turquoise jewelry, necklaces, bolo ties, belt buckles and much more to explore.

History of Native American Jewelry

Jewelry plays a large role in the culture of Native Americans. It tells stories, holds history, and represents spiritual beliefs and cultures of every tribe across America.
Beginning as early as 12,000 years ago, jewelry making was unique to the respective geographic area of each tribe, featuring natural materials that could only be found in  surrounding environments. This allowed tribes to offer slight variations between designs since the supplies necessary to craft these delicate accessories were major trade items.

At Kachina House, we have jewelry from many Native American tribes; Algonquin, Navajo, Apache, Hopi, Zuni, Lakota and Santo Domingo and others are represented.

Jewelry-making has evolved in technique and materials used over the years, but still is a primary focus of Native American culture today.

How Native American Jewelry is Made

Several materials are used to craft these beautiful pieces of wearable art. From beads and bear claws to turquoise, the “stone of life,” that holds a special significance in Native American culture, every piece of jewelry will tell a story.

There are two primary ways in which Native American jewelry is made:

This type of jewelry-making consists of working metals into different components that are then fashioned into earrings, pendants, rings, bolos and more. The technique of silversmithing was learned from the Spanish in the 1800s and since then, the Native American people have made it their own.

Already advanced in Native American culture, beadwork involved intricately grinding turquoise, coral, shell and other materials to create a Heishi necklace. The technique also included carving individual bead pieces from wood and bone, and then carefully stitching these unique beads together to create one masterpiece.

Take in the overlay bracelets, squash blossom necklaces, and all that Kachina House has to offer. Browse through our collection of Native American jewelry and give us a call at 800-304-3290 if you have any questions!

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Items 1-12 of 741