Native American Choctaw Made Basket Carrier Earrings


Native American Choctaw Made Basket Carrier Earrings by Marsha Hedrick

These double sided Hohokam design earrings with a basket carrier were handcrafted by Native American Choctaw artist Marsha Hedrick. She handbuilds the clay pieces and burnishes them with a stone before high temperature hard firing. The earrings are accented with glass beads and dangle on French wires 1.5 inches. These designs are from pottery that was created by "the canal builders" who lived in central and southern Arizona region from 100-1300 BC. They created pottery with very detailed geometric painting. This is a wonderful example showing a basket carrier. This would have been a typical sight with a woman carrying a basket, the strap across her forehead and the basket on her back. The staff in front is to pull the branches with berries toward her and to rustle the grasses to keep the snakes away.


1.5 in. long x .25 in. thick


Marsha Hedrick--2611

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