When it comes to Native American jewelry, no two pieces are the same. Presenting its own story, style and meaning, every piece of jewelry is unique.

At Kachina House, we carry an impressive selection of Native American jewelry, handcrafted by artists from tribes across the southwest.

Discover the beauty and spirit of Native American jewelry making with our collection of breathtaking necklaces!

Exploring Our Native American Necklaces

All tribes have their own way of making necklaces, from the styles they choose to the materials they use. These elements of jewelry making are established by the respective tribe’s community, region and culture.

The intricate pieces of jewelry have variations from tribe to tribe, making each piece unique in its story and overall design.

In our vast collection, we have:
• Fetish necklaces
• Squash blossom necklaces
• Heishi necklaces
• Medicine bag beaded necklaces
• Bench bead necklaces
• And so much more!

Jewelry Made from Natural Stones & Materials

Looking through the many styles of necklaces in our collection, you’ll find sterling silver, natural stones, and beads in every shape, size and color.

The variety in these materials is what makes each item of jewelry a true statement piece. Our collection of Native American necklaces features a plethora of stones, from bright coral to deep jet; there is truly something for everyone.

All of our Native American necklaces are authentic, handmade by talented artists from across the southwest. Whether it is a fetish necklace made by the Zuni, or a squash blossom necklace designed by the Navajo, our artists bring their own style and variations to each piece.

Interested in exploring more our Native American necklaces? Come visit us at our showroom in Sedona, browse our vast collection of Native American jewelry online, or give us a call at 800-204-3290 today!

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Items 1-12 of 230