Antique Hopi Katsinam

Kachina House is proud to have these beautiful older Katsinam in our collection. We hope to have the opportunity to continually expand this line and offer more historical pieces. Many of the Katsinam offered no longer appear on the Mesas. These individual Katsinam have disappeared from contemporary culture and will most likely not be seen again performing their individual songs and dances.

These older Katsinam pre-date the enforcement of the Migratory Bird Act by the United States government which restricted the trading of feathers and other parts of predator and migratory birds. These Katsinam have been “updated” so they are legal for Kachina House to have and sell.

These figures are monumental in their stature and were a significant departure from the carvings of the time. The carvers who created these Katsinam were some of the first to put the dancers into action poses and to really show the musculature of these Native Pueblo dancers. These are wonderful examples of carvings from the “old days.” We hope you love them as much as we do.

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SHIPPING NOTE: All of our Hopi are shipped through the United States Postal Service. Most are shipped using USPS Priority Mail, if we are shipping East of the Mississippi River we have found that USPS Express Mail is the most economical The Post Office does more "hand-holding" of these very fragile pieces.

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Items 1-12 of 21