Native American Hopi Carved Mudhead Katsina Doll--Vintage


Vintage Native American Hopi Carved Mudhead Katsina Doll by Arthur Holmes Sr.

This Mudhead (Toson Koyemsi) is the Sweet Cornmeal-Tasting Mudhead who demands the girls grind corn. He returns four days later to sit and taste the cornmeal and see if it was well-ground and sweet. This version with the long robe is the Second Mesa version. This wonderful Katsina was carved by Hopi artist Arthur Holmes Sr. in the early 1970s. The robe is beautifully carved and painted. He wears pine boughs and berries on his head, around his neck is a fabric scarf. His wrist and legs are both adorned with black yarn. He carries yucca whips of wood. This Katsina in his stance and the carving and painting of the striped robe is amazing. A great older piece.


14.5 in. tall


Arthur Holmes Sr.--0639

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