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Native American Rings from Kachina House are all one-of-a-kind pieces to add to your ring collection! Our rings are forged with great care, dazzling stones, and quality sterling silver and gold.

Adorn your hands with the authentic Hopi, Apache, Navajo, and Zuni style.

Native American tribes have passed down their jewelry-making trade secrets from generation to generation, fostering family development and economic growth for the indigenous peoples. To make their rings, they learned the silversmith craft from Spanish settlers when they came to America.

Native American rings have become very popular in modern fashion.

European colonists quickly took a liking to Native American rings made with precious stones like turquoise and coral, and the demand for these exquisite pieces has endured. Choose from plain or extravagant hand-crafted silver, rings inlayed with ethereal stones, and pieces with intricate designs symbolizing different facets of Native American culture. Take your time looking through our remarkable selection and give the Kachina House team a call with any questions you might have!