Hopi Miniature Katsinam

Katsinam “personations” of supernatural beings, important animals and ancestors of the Puebloans are quite common. The Katsinam live in the Peaks of San Francisco, North of Flagstaff AZ and come to the Hopi villages in February. They stay in the villages through July, helping the Hopi people raise their crops, children and spirits.

Katsina dancers are men wearing masks; which each represent a Katsina and include body paint and feathered costumes. Everyone in the villag minus the children knows that the Katsina dancers are men from the village, though adults believe that Katsinam hold supernatural powers. 

Since the Kastinam themselves are non-human, Katsina masks are also non-human. The overall appearance including shape and color of the mask are important. Each Katsina has a unique mask and Katsina dolls are made to represent and honor the Katsinam, as well as helping the children learn to tell them apart.

Katsina dolls play an important and cherished role in the Hopi culture.  Each one of our Katsina dolls represent one of the hundreds of Hopi spirit guides known as Katsinam. They are believed to live primarily in the San Francisco Peaks of North Central Arizona. Katsina dolls descend from their home in the mountains as the winter season progesses to travel to the Hopi mesas helping villagers tend to the fields, care for the children and tackle any other major task required to encourage the community and land to flourish. The Katsinam stay until the end of July when the planting and growing seasons have ended. At this time they take their leave of the Hopi, and return to their home in the mountains of Arizona.

While the Katsinam visit the Hopi villages, dances are held in celebration of a natural events that remind people of the village that significantly presence of the Katsinam. These dance teach the children about sacred beings and what they all represents. During the dances, Hopi men will wear costumes that “personate” individual Katsinam, represented by specific color patterns and physical characteristics.

Generally carved by a Hopi child’s uncle, Katsinam represent a specific Katsina and are meant to help the child become acquainted with a particular spirit. The miniature carvings which are referred to as dolls, are carved carefully from the light root but strong cottonwood tree and painted with the colors of the specific Katsina that the doll represents. 

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