Hopi Katsinam Sculptures

The Hopi carve these Katsinam as sculptures rather than full-figure dolls in order to show their artistic ability. The full-figure Katsinam of the Hopi have to be carved accurately with regard to the colors, clothing, masks, etc. The sculptural form gives the artist the freedom to let the wood guide the shape of the figure, use multiple figures on one piece of wood, and use colors and symbols as they like. These pieces are wonderful works of art; we hope you enjoy this group as much as we do.

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SHIPPING NOTE: All of our Hopi are shipped through the United States Postal Service. Most are shipped using USPS Priority Mail, if we are shipping East of the Mississippi River we have found that USPS Express Mail is the most economical. The Post Office does more "hand-holding" of these very fragile pieces.

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Items 1-12 of 73