Native American Buckles

Dive in and explore the amazingly detailed vintage belt buckles we have available at Kachina House! Make a statement with these ornate pieces that are both stylish and infused with meaning.

Tell a story with what you wear.

The symbols and scenes our buckles depict are unique to Native American culture—you won’t find these at the department store. Observe the fine detail and unique designs with which the pieces are crafted. Also take some time to survey the breathtaking stones these artists used to adorn these works of art with colorful flare.

Dress them up or dress them down.

Our buckles boast more than just beauty—they’re versatile too. Embrace the magnificence of Native American culture by adding a bit of style to any casual outfit with these pieces. Or, accessorize your dress attire with an extraordinary work of art! Browse our collection online, give us a call, or stop by our showroom for a visit today!

Items 1-12 of 21

Items 1-12 of 21