Native American Hopi Carved Wolf Hunter Katsina Doll


Carved Wolf Hunter Katsina Doll by Joe Lucero

The Wolf (Kweo) is often seen in the Soyohim Dances accompanied by the Deer or Mountain Sheep Katsina. He carries a stick that represents the trees and bushes that he uses to hide in whenever he stalks his prey. The Wolf Katsina's sharp teeth are always visible and, sometimes, his lolling tongue. His sharp teeth are visible to boast his prowess as a hunter. When he appears in the dance with the Deer or Mountain Sheep, they are always wary of him because of their natural relationship as prey for the Wolf. After the dance, it is customary for the Hopi to offer the Kweo Katsina cornmeal and, in return, the Kweo Katsina blesses them on their hunt.


6 in. tall


Joe Lucero--8766

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