Spirit in the Stone: A Handbook of Southwest Indian Animal Carvings and Beliefs by Mark Bahti (Second Edition)


Do you know who is referred to as "Reared in the Mountains" lest he think he's being called? Or what the connection is between rabbits and the Underworld? Noted Indian arts-and-crafts expert Mark Bahti has compiled a fascinating reference to answer hundreds of questions such as these about Native American fetishes and carvings. Part I introduces the tribes and their traditional uses of fetishes. Part II contains the stories and legends associated with the animals and other figures represented by fetish forms. Part III covers the materials used. To many of us, it's a collection of folk tales where Badger gave corn its many colors and where Black Body used crystals to make the stars, which his helpers clean and replace each day. To America's indigenous people, it is the real world. Anyone who has glimpsed the depth of meaning in the traditions and cosmologies of their cultures will find a wealth of information in this richly illustrated handbook. Call for wholesale pricing.


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Mark Bahti (2nd Ed)

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