Mata Ortiz Handbuilt and Handpainted Owl Effigy


Native Puebloan Handbuilt and Handpainted Owl Effigy by Angela Corona and Oscar Ramirez

This sweet Owl effigy pot was handbuilt and handpainted by Mata Ortiz residents Angela Corona and Oscar Ramirez. Effigy pots are recreations of ancient vessels that were found in and around the Paquime/Casas Grandes region of Chihuahua, Mexico. It is believed that these pieces were created to depict the birds and animal life that were so important to the people. This wonderful husband- and wife-created piece is beautifully etched with symbols as well as owls. Pottery ring included.


9 in. tall x 6.5 in. dia.


Angela Corona and Oscar Ramirez--9602

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