Native American Hopi Carved Badger Gourd Bank


Native American Hopi Carved Badger Gourd Bank by Hasting Nasafotie

The Badger (Honan) has great knowledge of roots and herbs and is sought for his wisdom and his ability to cure the sick by using herbal potions. The Badger Katsina appears in the summer dances. He is not only a healer and a chief; he also dances for rain for the crops. This is a wonderful piece by Hasting. The large gourd has been painted with Hopi symbols, as well as a scene with the kiva ladder, the snow covered San Francisco peaks and the dark night sky. This is a really unique bank and can be easily emptied by taking the head off the gourd.


19 in. tall complette


Hasting Nasafotie--8850

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