Native American Made Black Pipestone Four Winds Pipe


Native American Sioux Made Black Pipestone Four Winds Pipe signed by J. D. Wallenberg (Loud Thunder)

This fully-functional peace pipe with pipestone carved bowl represents the Four Winds. The Four Winds are also the four directions, sacred and meaningful to the Native American people. The winds represent:

North the hardships and discomforts of life, the cold winds of winter
South the good things of life, the warm winds of summer and the growing season
East the beginning of the day
West the end of the day and the end of life

The wooden stem is trimmed with leather and beads. This pipe was handcrafted by Santee Sioux Indian J. D. Wallenberg (Loud Thunder). The pipestone comes from Pipestone, Minnesota. The bowl is 4.25 in. long and 2.5 in. tall.


18.75 in. total length


Loud Thunder--7426

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