Native American Hopi Carved Hemis Katsina Doll


Native American Hopi Carved Hemis Katsina Doll by Thomas Fredericks

Hemis Katsina appears at the Home-Going (Niman) ceremony in late summer. He is originally from Jemez Pueblo, where he is an important figure in bringing rain prior to harvest. He is the Katsina who brings the grown corn to the people, ensuring a good harvest. This is a beautiful carving with feathers mixed in with a green mesh to imitate fresh greenery. This Hemis is holding cattails with a rattle and a bow to give as gifts. All around the base are butterflies. A really sweet larger carving by Thomas, whose particular style of carving is quite appealing. He merges the Old Style carvings with the contemporary and has his own individual style.


17.5 in. tall


Thomas Fredericks--3075

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