Native American Hopi Carved Ahola Chief Katsina Doll


Native American Hopi Carved Ahola Chief Katsina Doll by Henry Naha

The Ahola is a Hopi Chief Katsina of very high order. He is considered an elder and a very wise chief. The Ahola appears at the Bean Dance (Powamuya) ceremony to open the beginning of the Katsina season. The Ahola brings prayers for a long and healthful life. The Ahola and Ahola Mana go from house to house, making their appearance. On the outside walls of each home, the Ahola draws four horizontal marks with corn meal. The women inside the house come out and sprinkle the Ahola with cornmeal and at the same time take some corn seeds from the Ahola Mana's basket. The two leave and go to the kiva entrance and face each other. He calls out to the kiva chief and the two discuss the arrival of the Katsinam for the year.


6.5 in. tall


Henry Naha--7106

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