Native American Laguna Carved Pot Carrier Sculpture


Native American Laguna Carved Pot Carrier Sculpture by Jacob Warner

This spectacular maiden with a water pot (olla) complete with kiva ladder and prayer feather. The pot features a bird. There is another pot at the bottom of the carving tht is pouring water out for the pueblo. A kiva ladder stands between the buildings on the pueblo. The pots and the water they hold is a testament to the women and their crucial task of bringing water to the home. This maiden is wrapped in multiple mantas and sashes to ward off the early morning chill. The details on the carving are remarkable. From her necklace and large earrings to her sash and the sunfaces that are painted on her apron. The back of the maiden shows a Sunface, the sun brings the warmth to the earth, combined with the water, it makes everything grow. The base of the carving has a carved necklace and a solitaire actual natural turquoise stone. Jacob is a wonderful carver and this amazing showpiece that has more detail than the photos show.


31.25 in. tall complete


Jacob Warner--7113

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