Native American Laguna Carved Pot Carrier Sculpture


Native American Laguna Carved Pot Carrier Sculpture by Jacob Warner

This beautiful maiden with a water pot (olla) on her head is a testament to the women and their crucial task of bringing water to the home. This maiden is wrapped in multiple mantas and sashes to ward off the early morning chill. The details on her clothing are remarkable. From her necklace and large earrings to her sash and the roses that are painted on her apron. At her feet is the pueblo which she is responsible to bring water for, as well as an olla filled with water. The back of the maiden has a Sunface and below the sun are two Longhair Katsinam with a thunderbolt between them. The Longhair represent and bring the rain. Even the base is painted with symbols for water and lightning. Jacob is a wonderful carver and this is a crisply done beautiful piece that has more detail than the photos show.


16 in. tall


Jacob Warner--6262

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