Old Style Hopi Carved Lizard Traditional Katsina Doll


Old Style Hopi Carved Lizard Traditional Katsina Doll by Leander Tenakhongva

The Lizard Katsina (Monongya) is a fighting Katsina. He represents a particular species of lizard called the Crotophytus which is turquoise in color and moves very fast. The Lizard usually appears in the Mixed Katsina dance and the Powamuya (Bean) Ceremony and chastises the clowns for their behavior. Lizard is also thought to be a matchmaker. Should a young man meet this lizard, he would address it as his friend and ask for a favorable interview with his sweetheart, hoping that the lizard would help him. The Lizard is originally from Zuni Pueblo. This is a great piece by Leander and includes many little lizards on the Katsina.


13.5 in. tall complete


Leander Tenakhongva--2615

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