Native American Hopi Carved Longhair Katsina Sculpture


Native American Hopi Carved Longhair Katsina Sculpture by Virgil Long

The Longhair (Angak'china) is originally from Zuni Pueblo. Longhair appears at most Hopi Mesas. She wears her hair loose on her back to represent falling rain. She is one of the most popular of all Katsinam. These Katsinam appear in a group and sing a very powerful melodious song which may be one of the reasons that they are such favorites. They often appear at the Home Dance (Niman).Their purpose is to bring rain, and it is said that they seldom dance without the appearance of a soft gentle rain to help the crops grow. This sculpture by Virgil has the Sunface peeking out from the manta and another Longhair Maiden at the bottom of the sculpture.


15.55 in. tall complete


Virgil Long--3418

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