Native American Hopi Carved White Chin Katsina Sculpture


Native American Hopi Carved White Chin Katsina Sculpture by Virgil Long

The White Chin (Tuma-uyi) is one of the oldest Katsinam of the Hopi. He has not performed in years, but when he did perform, he came to the dances in a group. He also came during the Powamuya ceremony, but he can be personated at any time. His Hopi name literally means "white chin" and seems to derive from the white clay (kaolin) used to coat Katsina dolls before they are painted. Others say that it is his responsibility to watch over the whitewash on the inside and outside of the homes. His primary function is to bring rain, which would explain the long black hair in back, much like the Longhair Katsina. This White Chin has a Sunface peeking out from beneath his robe, next to him is a Corn Mana. Her presence is a prayer for a bountiful corn harvest.


14.25 in. tall


Virgil Long--9340

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