Native American Hopi Carved Warrior Maiden Katsina Doll


Native American Hopi Carved Warrior Maiden Katsina Doll by John Fredericks

The Warrior Maiden (He'e'e) represents a warrior spirit. Each Mesa has a story about He'e'e. At one, it is said that a young maiden was preparing for her wedding day (hence, her hair up in a whorl on one side and down straight on the other) when the village was attacked. Grabbing her father's weapons she and the other women fought the attackers until help arrived. The marauders set fire to the village and because of this the Maiden is always shown in black with a black face. The Warrior Maiden survived the battle and helped save the village. This Katsina is a potent warrior, and during the Pachavu Ceremony she leads a band of fearsome warrior Katsinam to protect the procession. Because she is so potent, there are other guards who protect certain ceremonies from her dangerous presence.


13.5 in. tall


John Fredericks--8963

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