Native American Navajo Made Cuff Bracelet with Turquoise


Native American Navajo Made Cuff Bracelet with Kingman Turquoise by Everett and Mary Teller

This beautiful Navajo made cuff with a single Kingman turquoise stone was created by Navajo silversmiths Everett and Mary Teller. This clean piece of jewelry has a thin cuff .25 inches wide that is deeply engraved and randomly stamped. The solitaire stone sets atop the band. It is a contemporary and clean oval stone. The stone is .9375 inches long and .5 inches wide at the widest. The cuff is 5 inches inside with a 1 inch gap.


5 in. inside dim. + 1 in. gap; 19.9 grams


Mary and Everett Teller--3155

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