Navajo Yei God Soft Sculpture Dolls


Navajo Yei God Soft Sculpture Dolls by Peter Ray James

Yei bi chai. This Katsina is intended as a replica of the Navajo Talking God, the leader of the Yeibichai dancers who wear masks of the Yei and appear on the ninth and last night of the Navajo Nightway healing ceremony. The Hopi stage a Navajo Katsina Dance on First and Third Mesas led by this Katsina. The corn plant signifies life and a prayer for a rich harvest.

These wonderful soft sculptures are created by Peter Ray James, a Navajo who handsews the dolls and stuffs them, then paints various designs on the black fabric, finishing them by tying small branches to their sides and completing their faces with a simple bead.

Each one is unique in design and painted colors. All are handcrafted by Peter. Each doll is signed on the back.


Peter Ray James

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